Joan Cros into the night program AMA SC 2020

Joan Cros into the night program AMA SC 2020

The Manlleu rider sneaks into the night program and struggles to get to the main event in the first AMA Supercross 2020 event.

Angel Stadium (Anaheim, CA) has hosted the first test of Monster Energy AMA Supercross 2020. Anaheim I has kicked off a new supercross season with a full assist; About 40,000 people have taken the stadium seats to watch the motorbikes roar on a magical SX night.
Joan Cros landed on American soil just a week ago and, with no chance of testing with his Kawasaki KX45O and with only two SX workouts, he has set out to compete in the first of the 16 tests of the season. Cros, the only Spanish rider in competition, has gone on to the night program after getting first place in the timed group C training with a time of 1: 02.507. This result has allowed him to go to the night event in the thirty-sixth position of the general.
In the first heat, the team rider "TXS / MADD Parts / Ronnie Prado Company" Racing has finished in eighteenth position. After passing the first lap on the finish line in eleventh position, a touch with another driver has relegated him to the sixteenth position. Cros's staunch fight against Martin and Robin for the top15 has resulted in the eighteenth position for the Manlleu driver.
The LCQ is the last opportunity to access the much desired main event. In this, the Kawasaki rider has marked a great start. For four laps he has shot in fifth place; just one position to go to the grand finale. However, the level of the pilots in the Anaheim I playoff was very high. Cros has fought official pilots and, in the end, has finished in fourteenth position. A result that, unfortunately, has left him out of the main.
"Every time I went on the track I improved my piloting and had a great time. In addition, I achieved my goal of going to the night program," says Cros. The Catalan rider adds that "there were four official bikes in the playoffs and it was very difficult to move on to the final; still, I hope to continue improving week by week." Team "TXS / MADD Parts / Ronnie Prado Company" Racing is already preparing the second test of the AMA Supercross 2020 to be held on January 11 in St. Louis (MO). A very special date, since it is the home race for Bubba Pauli and the whole Team that supports Cros.

Joan Cros into the night program AMA SC 2020





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