ISDE of Portimao in Portugal

ISDE of Portimao in Portugal

The cold has arrived to stay with the humidity for 9 hours

The show begins. Rain and mud in the first hour but in the afternoon dust in Portiamo. From the first to the fourth day it was a really complicated race. He started the first day with mechanical problems on the motorcycle and therefore, it was a struggle inside the race, since the pilot, in this modality, has to make his own mechanics and there was limited time for his times. The fourth day he managed to put the motorcycle in place and tuned, but with bad luck, he hit a teammate and thus losing a member. The team was left with two pilots alone but still after this nonsense came a tangle of iron wire threads on the wheels thus losing much time on the part of Kirian Mirabet.
On the fifth day of reflection, he gained strength from all these experiences and was able to fight all day for the TOP 20 of the general. Functionally it achieved a 25 position at the end of the day after two falls.
Kirian reached the final motocross with a 4th place in his pocket and with difficulty getting the third place. Decided to keep and return home with a
secured position.

ISDE of Portimao in Portugal





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